Secondary school

Secondary school and vocational training

After 3 years of planning, our vocational training started in 2016. Previously, we purchased a land, a property and our farm was built by all of us working hard together. Growing and getting prettier is still continous. Parallel to this, we created the stable. Here, children can ride a horse during their PE lessons and in the summer, the stable also hosts camps. Besides horses, there are also pigs, chickens and goats. Based on the benefits of our region, we provide competitive professions:

– Farmer,
– Food producer, Hosts in villages,
– Gardener ( in progress)

Our experienced trainers who are open for innovations are experimenting together with the students. One aim is to teach them to work, the other is to teach and show them how to establish a family farm with a small amount of funds even in their own homes. Therefore, we would also like to teach eco and business skills to our students. Our final aim is to produce eco products with our own label and to sell them later. We are also aiming for opening a restaurant. Students can apply for our 3 year courses from the age of 14 to 25. Currently, the number of girls and boys are equal and some students have special educational needs.


Student’s film: One day in the “Paradise”