Schedule for construction

Our rental agreement with Tard council expires in June 2019 so by September 2019, the building must have a roof on the top and the classrooms with the service areas must be ready. Since we do not know how and when we are going to receive the donations, we created the followings:

Phase 1
– Gym wing: structured walls without plastering, roof, 2 changing rooms – all with substrate concrete,

Phase 2
– 8 classrooms for the primary school,
– School canteen, staff changing room,
– teachers’ room, offices, classrooms for Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History etc.
– completion of the gym,

Phase 3
– wing 2: 2 classrooms for the technical school, 7 group classrooms,
– a horse stable, a fold and an open-air riding track,
– the main building for the educational farm,
– playground, outdoor sports tracks,

Phase 4
– additional barns for livestock, greenhouses,
– dormitory for girls and boys,
– processsing units.