“We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation
the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done…
Then they would put their trust in God.” Psalm 78.

Learn, believe – learn to believe

orrás (Fountain) Educational Centre is a Christian institution under ecclesiastical control. Its story started in 2003 when eight Christian families in a small Hungarian town called Mezőkövesd cooperated to make a school. Their aim was to make such a school where their children can study in safe condition with warm atmosphere just like in a family. We chose two parents to teach our eighteen children in a house. This system was on half-way between homeschooling and institutional education.


After three years, we admitted children from other families apart from the founder families. As a cooperation of these families, we could buy a bigger building that we grew out of two years later. In 2008, we moved to a village called Tard. It is 12 km far from Mezőkövesd. There, we rented the empty part of the school-building. Next year, we started a kindergarten in our previous headquarter in Mezőkövesd. The teaching of Art and Music began in 2013. Besides learning fine arts, the students can play the piano, the keyboards, the recorder or the oboe. In 2014, we became an independent institution and in this way, our development came to a bigger step. Since then, our supporter has been the Hungarian Pentecostal Church. In 2015, we built a stable with a riding hall where students can practise horse-riding during the P.E. lesson. As a next step, in 2016, we started a technical school and we established a training farm. Here, we train young people up to twenty-five-year-old; they can learn how to be good farmers. Next year, our students can choose three other trainings: rural host, gardener or food producer.

30-35% of the students come from committed Christian families. Parents from other families find us because their children have learning or behaviour difficulties and they search a school that accepts and receives their children. First, we visit the family in question and we speak with the parents. We want to know if we can cooperate with the parents in order to fulfil the child’s educational needs in a trustful atmosphere on both parts. We love our students; most of them go through an inward recovery joining our school. Besides teaching, we think that nurture is equally important. Our teachers are committed Christians who regard God’s will and moral values with the students during morning devotions and R.E. lessons. They also turn to the children with Christly love every day. The school pastor promotes the spiritual and inward nurture.

Total number of children (in 2017):

Kindergarten: 26
Primary school: 150
Secondary school: 26
Staff members: 30

We have further plans: we want to move back to Mezőkövesd, with God’s help we would like to construct a new building for the primary and secondary school. At the same place, we would like to build a sports hall, a riding hall, and a new training farm. We have already bought four acres land. In autumn 2017, we would like to begin the construction. In that land, further development is possible. In the future, we plan to build a students’ hostel. We also want to grow our own products in the training farm in ecological way, sell these products in our shop or use them in our restaurant. We believe that with God’s help, we will have the money needed for these projects. We welcome spiritual, physical or financial support gratefully.


An endless story or faith creates a school

Once upon a time, there were eight Christian families in Mezőkövesd, in 2003. They wanted the best for their children; they pondered and decided that they would teach their children at home on their own. It is better for the kids to study in a familial and safe atmosphere as if they were at home. When they awoke from their big joy, they realized how big the mountain of disapproval was around them: “What do they want?!” But they were so determined, they were sure that the way they wanted to fulfil is from God that they did not turn back.

Since among the parents, there were enough teachers to teach the children, they started to lay down the bases with God’s help. It was sufficient that the eighteen kids enjoyed this atmosphere so much that the news about the school took wing. The novelty grapevined and some day the courageous, the other day the perplexed people knocked on their door: “It would be good for us too! My child might recover here, his artistic talent might develop!” The people came and came, so they grew out of the small house; they go to find a bigger one. They found what they had looked for, since they joined their forces, and they did not grudge their time, financial burden or fatigue in order to make their dream come true.

People inquiring came from day to day, and in a short period of time, they found their borders narrow. So the small group got the road again. More than fifty students and their teachers left to try their luck. They did not stop till they found Tard, between two hills nearby. Here, they took a long rest and they worked hard. They wanted to love, give, serve and live for their Creator, but they did not find homeland.

They did not give up their faith in God, they rested upon His guidance and looked at the horizon. So their glance settled down at a good and spacious land. They bought the land where they could get a foothold at last. They can develop from day to day and they can come home to Mezőkövesd. However, they do not have a school-building on the land.

In this way, the true story has not finished yet, what is more, the interesting part is about to begin. If you liked it, come and write the exciting story with us. This story is about faith that creates a school. Come and experience miracle together!