Increase our faith

Increase our faith

Being a christian school, our aim is not only to teach, educate ethically and emotionally but to improve/increase/grow our faith.

This message and aim was drafted about 6 years ago when I read a book called Realities: the miracles of God experienced today by M. Basilea Schlink which he wrote about the construction of their Kanaan. By seeing the miracles given to them by God throught their prayers, a faithless bricklayer said:

„Here, you can learn to believe.”

I would like to lead a school where the teachers and students learn to believe together.

One of my favourite writer, György Müller said: in the beginning of his life, he was able to belive in God up to 50 pounds, later it was 500 then in the end of his life this figure reached 5 million – so we can grow in faith. He also experienced that faith can be increased by impossible and desperate life situations like ours.

Our case is similar.

Viewing this project from a human perspective, we are in an extremely difficult situation. We are currently renting our school building, the contract expires in june of 2019. Our building permission has not been issued yet and we do not know when this will happen as Mezőkövesd –the town where we want to build the school – has not made a decision yet. Hopefully, it will be made by this April.

I do not know when and how much donation we are going to receive, therefore I am unsure about the further agreement with our architects, we have some many uncertain factors.

So the situation is ideal to grow our faith because:

„All things are possible with God!”

People fight with difficulties in different ways. We either win or lose. To be able to win, one of the most important tool is faith. There are a few verses from the Bible below:

„Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the words of God.”

„God is with us.”

How can you become part of it?
Build a school together with us! What do I mean?

If you are part of a faithful process the experiences and results will be yours too.

Choose a supporting method (prayer, financial, physical help, finding sponsors etc.), pray for it, ripen it in your heart, think about it, share it with others and us.

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