You can support our efforts to build a school!

You can choose any form or forms of support, or either can come up with new ideas.

Some opportunities are as follows:

  • Pray with us, for us to remain in God’s plan (Psalm 118:8, Psalm 112:7).
  • You can contribute to the expenses of the building-process depending on your means, as you have decided in you heart.
  • You can put one stone on the other using your physical labour or you can help in other kinds of physical work, if there is an opportuity.
  • You can provide us with your ideas, pieces of advice, suggestions, experience or make equipemets or machines available for us.
  • You can share with others or spread the news of our building a school orally or in writing or in any form. Share it with those who attach value to it.

Bank: K&H Bank
Account No.: HU60 10402733-50526766-85771021
Recevier’s Name: Forrás Oktatási Központ

Every little helps. It is perhaps easier for individuals, communities, companies to help us with buying one or more “Brick ticket(s)” which represents a physical brick in our future school.
If you give us your email address, we would like to send you a picture of a symbolic brick.

We are going to thank our givers’ generosity with the following:

The pure fact that someone has taken part in this battle of faith will bring blessing to him or her.

The bigger the involvement is, the more abundant the blessing is. Yet, we would like to express our appreciation for their support and show a great regard for them in the following ways.

    • We’ll mention the giver’s generosity in our prayers with thankfulness, either we know the person or not.
    • If he or she allows, we’ll put down his/her name and inform about the person together with the amount of his/her donation in our newsletter, if he/she would like it so.
  • We’ll thank for our givers’ help with a memorial certificate at the end of the year.