Art and Musical school

Art & musical school

Art education also plays an important role in our school due to its soul-breeder function. It also gives pleasure and creative experience for the students. We have students who can show their talents in these fields. We managed to start our art faculty in 2013. More than half of our primary school students attend to some art faculty. The most regional and national successes were gained in art. Students can work with many various techniques. They can also learn to play on different musical intruments such as: recorder, keyboard, piano and oboe. During our school ceremonies, our students provide music: some play on an instrument and some sing in the school choir. Hungarian folk dance is also taught in the first 4 years. On our drama lessons, students can make responsible decisions without risks and they have opportunities to gain different experiences in various familiar situations occuring in life.

Our school anthem was chosen from an Oscar winning movie of Zefirelli, Brother Sun, Sister Moon from the very beginning (Donovan: Little church). It still expresses our pursuits perfectly well.